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Written By: Hypen In Insights


A software development project can be a great investment for a business in terms of capital, resources, and time. Software is often mistaken to be just technology, but it is much more than that. When it comes to choosing a service provider, not just any provider will do. Most custom software development companies only focus on building and delivering products, without any advisory capabilities. 


Before contacting potential candidates, invest some time in writing specifications, functionality documents, and other information necessary to define your future project. This will allow you to better understand your criteria for the future partner and economize time during the discussion process. Describe in detail what are the goals of the project and determine the scope of it. Describe the existing system components and the technologies used to create them. 

Besides defining at least some basic mockups, diagrams and/or workflows, you should also think of a realistic timeframe, that could both accommodate a decent release date but also enough time for the development phase. 


After having defined your project objectives, timeline and the skills required to complete your project, it’s time to build a list of potential software development companies. 

There are plenty of resources where you can find software development companies: using Google to search for the best companies. Take into consideration that both paid and organic results can be useful; browse software development ranking websites; ask your connections for recommendations.  


After having a shortlist of possible candidates, gather as much information as possible about them, such as: size, structure, strategy, experience, years on the market, number of specialists, prices, workflow, expertise and services.  

When you have decided your potential new partner, make sure they can act as a true partner. The best software development company will act as a partner rather than simply an external agency. A good software development company should really understand your business needs. Simply understanding the desired product functionality is not enough. During development, you want them to be aligned with your end goals, so they can make the best decisions.  


Software development is a complex process. Communication challenges will make it difficult every step of the way, from defining requirements to working out stakeholders and users’ feedback. You will need a partner that, besides technical capabilities have communication skills, to always be on the same page.  


Another crucial part of your next product success is security. You want to make sure that your partner will implement the latest security methods, so your idea, product, solutions and confidential materials are not handled. As an entity investing considerable resources, inquiring about the security measures in use by a product development partner is critical. 

Any software development partner that prides itself on exceptional product development will include post-development support such as regular maintenance and backups. You should inquire about the scope and extent of the after-development support that is offered. 


To find and choose a software development company for your project, you need to take some time and effort. Considering that the number of companies, offering software development services, increases - you have a lot to choose from. Do the research, define the priorities, and form an opinion about which companies will be a good fit. Let’s have a chat and find out if we are the right partners for reaching your goals.