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We architect, implement, manage and secure IT solutions that help you achieve your most ambitious IT goals.

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The main goal of our projects is to add value to your brand by digitizing work processes.

  • TransSped

    Thanks to the technical support we received from Hypen, the projects we did together have been successful in terms of objectives and deadlines. Due to their professionalism, we decided to extend the partnership and now we are grateful to have a productive collaboration.

    — Camelia Ivan
  • Sonik Pocket

    The partnership with Hypen was born under a common vision: both parties believe that financial education is an important skill to learn early in life. The result of our collaboration was the world’s first educational, interactive money management platform and we couldn’t be more satisfied with it.

    — Usman Gunni Yaseen
  • Brioche

    In a world where education is one of the most important development pillars, Hypen helped us build a solution that facilitates easy access to education and thanks to their team, we overcome all the difficult aspect of this process.

    — Emerich Gherca
  • Manteka

    Managing the legality and all organizational aspects for a business can be challenging. Luckily for us, we found Hypen to help us design and build a software that would make this process easier. We strongly recommend Hypen for all your software development needs.

    — Rafael Gherca