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Written By: Hypen In Insights



Angular is a front-end framework with lots of components, services, and tools. It is developed and maintained by Google developers. 

Angular is built entirely in Typescript and is structured in modules, components and services. At least, each module must have a root module and a root component. In Angular, components are the basic UI building block of code. All of them have this structure: 

  • A Typescript class where the logic of the component is implemented 
  • An HTML template to render the component (including Angular template syntax) 
  • A stylesheet in either CSS or SCSS 


Benefits of using Angular: 

  • Ensure excellent app performance. 
  • Provide offline support and PWA capabilities. 
  • Great creating large scale applications as it provides in-build features. 
  • Offers great possibilities, the projects being expandable, scalable, and faster to develop. 
  • Provides a basic framework for developing web apps and managing it without any support of other libraries. 


React is considered a UI library defined by themselves as a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It was developed by Facebook.  

React doesn’t propose a specific structure to be followed, and with only a few lines of code you can have a simple React application. There are two kinds of blocks inside React projects: elements and components. The elements are the smallest building blocks of React applications. Components are larger building blocks of React applications. They let you split the UI into independent and reusable pieces. 


Benefits of using React: 

  • Ensuring faster loading. 
  • The separation of data and presentation is possible. 
  • Being based on JavaScript, it is simple to learn; 
  • Single file contains both markup and logic (JSX). 


Vue.js is considered to be a progressive JavaScript framework, developed by an ex-Google employee and it counts on a huge open-source community. 

The structure in Vue.js is pretty simple. All pieces are meant to be self-contained, reusable components. Components are written in Single File Components (SFC) with the extension .vue. Inside these files, there are: 

  • The JavaScript logic 
  • The HTML template (Vue.js has its own templates) 
  • The stylesheet in either CSS or SCSS 


Pros of Vue.js For Project Development 

  • Has in-detail documentation. 
  • Reusable components of this framework improves the development process. 
  • It provides flexibility and simplicity for app development. 
  • Vue provides a list of tools and libraries such as official CLI, Development tools, Vue Router, and more. 


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