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Written By: Hypen In Insights


Programmers are people who dedicate their careers to designing the tech features and functionalities we all take for granted. Programming is a fantastic career path with great potential for growth, especially since so much of our lives are now lived online. What great programmers have in common? 

  • They are passionate about becoming better: both personally and professionally. 
  • They are efficient in at least 2 programming languages. 
  • They love a good challenge and a good puzzle. 
  • They have good confidence and communication skills. Working as a developer isn’t just about technology 

If you find yourself wanting to join this industry, you should take this advice into consideration: 

Decide an industry you are interested in.  

The first step into deciding the direction of your career could be transforming a passion that you have into the work you love. So, if you are passionate about a subject, there’s a high probability that you can develop a great career in that domain, since jobs are available in almost every industry.  


Identify the languages you need to learn 

If you have identified the industry you want to perform in, you now must choose the programming languages you need to learn to perform in that area. You’ll have first to choose if you are more of a front-end or back-end person. While many of the same skills underlie both, each category has its own focus and requires a distinct set of skills. 

Front-end developers are primarily concerned with the portion of a website that users interact with. They determine a site’s visual appearance, direct its behavior, and deal with its content and structure. Their job is to maximize efficiency, utility, performance, and responsiveness to ensure accessibility to all users. 

Back-end developers work behind-the-scenes to address the server side of programming. These developers deal with the libraries, system components, data structures and ensure that a program functions well.  


Research your choice  

Get passionate about your decision. Find every blog, article, magazine, video, and podcast dedicated to that language and learn. A great idea would be to even search for a mentor, somebody that has both knowledge and experience that can assist you in following best practices based on their experience and maybe even refer you to future opportunities.  


Don’t limit yourself 

Learn, test and experiment with other languages. You may find barriers with one language where it’s easier with another language. Once you learn the basics of programming and get your mind to work in the right way, you can apply what you know to other languages and easily expand your toolbox.  


Start your own projects 

Regardless of the choices you’ve made, starting your own programming projects is a great way to get experience and develop your skills. These projects are a great asset when applying for jobs and participating in programming initiatives will enable you make valuable connections in the industry. 


Start looking for jobs 

Create your CV, add all those great skills you’ve acquired and find the perfect company to develop even more. If you’ve already reached this step, you might want to consider Hypen for a great career in programming.